Views of the garden before the work began.


Work begins with removal of existing trees & shrubs to open up the extent of the rear garden. The garden was  over grown with trees which were not allowing natural daylight to penetrate the garden. The garden had a naturally sloping gradient towards the clients' property, therefore we decided to tier the garden so that the damp proofing levels of the property were not challenged.


A view of the rear garden after work was completed. A natural sandstone patio was laid with a small retaining wall. The ground was rotovated, levelled and fertilized prior to the new turf lawn being laid. The soil was therefore of a good tilt and very fertile in nutrients for the rooting of the new turf lawn.

A central pathway was built to allow access to all parts of the garden. The new turf lawn was mowed after two weeks of settlement.

A central feature was built comprising of a circular pergola which was planted with climbing roses and four quarter beds forming a circle. The quarter beds were filled with impatiens (bizzy lizzy) in block colours which provided a stunning effect. A seating area was built at the end of the pathway. A children's play area was also constructed.

Centre Pergola Feature.

Centre Pergola Feature after two years of maturing.

View of the garden from the seating area.



A view of front garden after work was completed. Works included removal of trees which were obscuring the house. A U shaped in & out drive was constructed of cobblestone paving. A new central turf lawn was laid which was encompassed by a border full of standard roses and bush roses thus the house was called Villa Rosa.


As a feature a topiary privet swan was planted in the centre of the new turf lawn.